Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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apron a piece of clothing that covers the front of the body. An apron is worn to keep clothes clean.
busy doing something or working on something.
closet a small room or space for storing things such as clothes or supplies.
eyesight the ability to see; vision.
gardener a person whose job is taking care of plants, lawns, and the like.
include to have or contain as a part of the whole.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe.
love a strong feeling of liking and caring about another person that usually causes a deep desire to be physically close to that person.
mayor the head of government in a village, town, or city.
mix to put different things together so that the parts become one.
pipe a tube of metal, plastic, or other material through which a gas or liquid may flow.
repeat to say or produce sound a second time.
skirt a piece of clothing that hangs from the waist and is open all around the bottom.
staff a pole or rod often used as an aid in walking or hiking; walking stick.
study to try to gain knowledge or skill.