Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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announce to tell or make known.
barrel a large round container with a flat top and bottom that is used to keep liquids. Barrels are often made of wood.
cough the act or pushing air noisily out of the lungs, as a result of illness or something irritating one's air passages.
electric using or having to do with electricity.
farm an area of land or water used to raise certain kinds of crops or animals.
female being a member of the sex that produces eggs and gives birth.
fort a strong building used for defense or for soldiers to live in.
friendly pleasant toward others.
grease a thick, oily material used on a machine to allow the parts to rub together smoothly while the machine is working.
mat a piece of material that is used to cover a small area of a floor or other surface.
national of or having to do with the whole country, not just one part of it.
pin a thin piece of metal with a sharp point and flat or round head. Pins are used to fasten or attach pieces of cloth or similar material.
skip to move forward by jumping on one foot and then on the other.
television a piece of electronic equipment that receives sound and moving images that are sent from a long distance. Many people can watch the same programs on television at the same time.
tough hard to break; strong; lasting a long time.