Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adventure a trip or activity that is dangerous or exciting.
box1 a container made of stiff material that usually has four sides, a bottom, and a lid.
cry to have tears fall from your eyes as the result of pain, sadness, or another strong feeling.
dress to put clothing on.
enormous very large in size or amount; huge.
finally after everything else; at the final moment.
front the most forward part or side of something.
fully in a way that is complete, entire, or thorough; totally.
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
join to put, bring, or fasten together.
lovely beautiful in appearance.
paper a thin material often used to write on, to wrap objects, and to make things such as containers.
plow a heavy farm tool pulled by a tractor or animal, used to open the ground for planting.
pretend to imagine or make believe.
upon on.