Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blanket a large piece of thick material used to keep oneself warm. Blankets are often made of wool.
buddy (informal) friend.
buzz a low noise caused by something moving fast.
chalkboard a smooth, dark board to be written on with chalk; blackboard.
den the resting place of wolves, lions, and other large wild animals.
dirty not clean.
fuss activity or attention that is not necessary.
gifted having a special talent or ability.
grade to rate for correctness or quality, usually by giving a letter or score.
heat the form of energy that you feel as warmth.
instrument a tool or mechanical device used for special work.
shack a small, cheaply constructed building, used as a house or for storage.
sight the ability to see.
slam to shut with force and loud noise.
sour having a sharp taste caused by acid. Lemons, vinegar, and yogurt are some things that are sour.