Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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drug a substance that causes a change in the body and mind.
fasten to join two things or two sides of something so that they stay together.
feed to provide food for or give food to someone or something.
messenger a person who carries and delivers messages and packages.
panic a sudden strong fear or anger that causes people to act without thinking.
picture a painting, drawing, or photograph.
pray to request in a serious and sincere way, especially of one's god.
return to go back or come back.
seed the small part of a plant with flowers that grows into a new plant.
sniff to take in short breaths of air through the nose that can be heard.
step each single movement of your foot as you walk.
suitcase a box used for carrying clothing and personal things when traveling.
tender not tough; soft.
untie to free from being tied.
untrue not correct or accurate; false.