Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afterward at a later time.
bay1 a body of water with land around it but that is open to the sea on one side.
bounce to spring back or up after hitting against a surface.
celebration a party or anything else that people do to honor a special event.
clue something that helps to solve a problem or mystery.
exactly in a correct or accurate way.
fan1 a machine that makes air move by means of blades that spin.
glad happy that a good thing has happened or will happen.
makeup cream, powder, or other things you put on your face to change the way it looks or to make it look better.
never not at any time; not at all.
peanut a seed that people eat like a nut but grows under the ground and is in the same family of plants as beans.
safe providing protection from harm, loss, or damage; not dangerous.
seat a chair or other object for sitting on.
sneak to move quietly and in a sly way.
still not moving.