Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cruel willing to cause pain or suffering; not caring if you hurt someone or something.
dip to put into a liquid for a short time.
genie a spirit, often in human form, that will grant one's wishes. Genies are sometimes written about in Arabian literature.
hear to receive sound with the ears.
herd the common people; most people. The expression "He (or she) follows the herd" means that a person tends to do what everybody else does, like a cow in a herd, and does not think for himself or herself.
hood a covering for the head and neck that may be attached to a coat, jacket, or other piece of clothing.
marry to become someone's husband or wife according to the law.
poem a piece of writing different from ordinary writing in its special form, rhythm, and beautiful or interesting language. Poems are often short and express feelings. They sometimes use words that rhyme.
proud feeling pleased and satisfied because of something one owns or has done.
rule a law or direction that guides behavior or action.
sick having an illness; not well.
snug small and comfortable; cozy.
taste to tell the flavor of something by putting it into your mouth.
tea a drink that is made by putting dried leaves of certain plants in hot water. The leaves usually come from a special plant that grows in Asia.
wool the thick, soft hair of sheep and some other animals, which is often used by people to make cloth.