Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afternoon the time of day between noon and evening.
battle a fight between two opposing sides.
collect to gather together.
cub the young of some mammals that eat meat, such as the bear and lion.
desk a piece of furniture with a flat surface used for writing, using a computer, or reading. Desks usually have drawers where you keep paper, pens, and other supplies.
exercise activity that improves the health of the body or mind.
floor the lowest surface in a room; the surface on which one stands in a room.
hike to take a long walk in a natural place, such as a woods or forest, for fun or exercise.
hoof the hard, tough covering on the feet of certain mammals such as horses, pigs, and deer.
lab a short form of laboratory.
lung either of the two organs in the body that control breathing.
motion the act of moving or changing places.
pilot a person who flies an airplane or other aircraft.
race1 a sport or test of speed.
rack a frame or stand used to hold, hang, or show things.