Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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belong to have as a proper place or situation.
continue to keep happening or being; to last for a long time.
course the direction or way along which something moves.
crooked bent, curved, or twisting.
duty something that a person should do because it is right or fair.
lightning natural electricity produced in clouds and appearing as a bright flash of light in the sky.
line1 a long, thin mark.
material anything used for building or making new things. Wood, metal, paint, and paper are examples of materials.
mend to repair or fix.
police a department of a town, city, or state government that protects people and their property and makes people obey laws.
principal greatest or first in importance.
race1 a sport or test of speed.
stock things that you keep that are ready for use or for sale at any time; supply.
sturdy strong or solid; hard to break.
widow a woman whose husband has died.