Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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arrive to come to or reach a certain place.
ash the soft gray powder that remains after something burns.
boom1 a deep, hollow sound, as from an explosion.
dull not interesting; boring.
horror a strong feeling of fear or shock.
invisible not able to be seen.
metal a kind of chemical element, such as copper, iron, or silver, that can move heat or electricity through itself.
oven a piece of equipment that you cook food in. An oven has a large metal box with a door.
paint a liquid that is used on surfaces to give color or protect the surface.
promise to state, in a way that makes someone feel sure, that something will happen or will be done.
pueblo a house made of adobe or stone built by Native Americans in the southwest United States. Pueblos are shared by the community and are usually several stories high.
replace to put something in the place of another thing.
scent a smell.
suddenly without warning, often causing surprise or fear.
van a tall, covered truck or car used to move people or goods.