Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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classmate a person in the same class as another at a college or school.
clear used to describe the sky when there are no clouds or when there is little pollution or dust.
cream the part of whole milk that contains fat. Butter is made from cream.
eager wanting very much.
kit a group of things together in one place for a particular use.
list names, numbers, or things placed one after another in a written form.
model a small copy of something.
official a person who holds an office in a business or government.
owe to have to pay; be in debt to someone.
performer a person who sings, acts, or does some form entertainment for an audience.
recycle to put used things through a process that allows them to be used again.
sink to fall slowly to a lower level.
special different from others; unique.
teacher a person whose job is explaining and showing things to students so that they can learn.
tray a flat, open piece of wood, metal, plastic, or some other material, used to carry, hold, or show food, drink, or small things. It often has a low edge.