Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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awhile for a short time.
drip to come down in drops.
giant an imaginary being who looks like a person but has enormous size and strength.
greet to use words or simple actions that show pleasure or respect when you meet someone or start a letter.
hike to take a long walk in a natural place, such as a woods or forest, for fun or exercise.
meat the flesh of animals when used as food.
menu a list of foods served at a restaurant.
pail a container with steep sides and a handle; bucket.
rear being at the back part of something.
scrape to rub with something sharp or rough.
shall used to express a future action or state (used only with "we" and "I").
sheet a large piece of cloth used to cover a bed.
tough hard to break; strong; lasting a long time.
uphill on an upward slope or in an upward direction.
warrior a person who fights; a soldier.