Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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basic necessary as a base. Things that are basic need to be learned first or done first.
brake a device used to slow or stop the motion of a vehicle or machine.
chew to break apart and make soft with the teeth.
dim having little or no light.
emperor the male ruler of an empire.
harness a set of straps by which a work animal is attached to a cart, carriage, or plow. The harness is used to control and guide the animal.
knee the joint between the upper and lower part of the leg.
lazy not wanting to work or use effort.
loaf a single quantity of bread the way it is just after it is baked and before it is cut into slices.
microphone a device that changes sound waves into electronic signals. Microphones are used to make sounds louder or to broadcast or record them.
native an original resident of a given place, such as the Inuit people of Alaska and northern Canada.
pride a sense of personal value that comes from what one has or can do.
question a sentence that asks for an answer.
travel to go from place to place.
vacuum a space or container in which there is no air or from which most of the air has been removed.