Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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addition the process of finding the total of two or more numbers.
bough a main branch of a tree.
brother a male person who has the same mother or father as another person.
daughter a person's female child.
enjoy to find pleasure in something.
flute an instrument for playing music. It is a long tube made of metal or wood that you play by blowing into a hole at one end.
invitation the act of asking someone in a polite way to come to something or do something.
luck something that happens by chance.
miserable very unhappy; wretched.
oil a slippery liquid that comes from minerals, animals, plants, or chemicals.
overnight lasting or staying one night.
pan an open, metal container for cooking or baking.
rule a law or direction that guides behavior or action.
self one's own being, character, and nature.
split a division between two or more people.