Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brick a very hard block of clay. People use bricks to make walls.
enter to come or go in.
fail to not succeed in trying to do something.
flag a piece of cloth with special colors and designs used as a symbol of a country or organization.
honey a thick, sweet liquid made by bees.
horrible causing a feeling of fear or horror.
island an area of land surrounded by water on all sides.
less to a smaller degree or amount.
peak the highest part of a mountain, or the highest part of anything.
pinch an amount that can be picked up between the thumb and a finger.
seal a material or object used to close something tight.
squat to sit on your heels close to the ground.
task a piece of work to be done; duty.
wet having water or other liquid within something or on the surface of something.
zone an area that is separate or different from other areas because of a particular environment, use, or some other special quality.