Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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continue to keep happening or being; to last for a long time.
crumb a tiny piece that breaks or falls from bread or other food.
harden to make less soft or more rigid.
herd the common people; most people. The expression "He (or she) follows the herd" means that a person tends to do what everybody else does, like a cow in a herd, and does not think for himself or herself.
housekeeper a person whose job is to take care of a house, hotel, or other place where people stay.
lay1 to put something down so that it is flat against a surface.
party a group of people coming together to celebrate or have fun.
paste a mixture used to stick paper or other light materials together.
pond a small body of still water.
sea the salt water covering most of the earth; ocean.
shiver to shake because of cold or fear.
size how big or small an object is.
tank a large container used to hold liquid or gas.
type a group of things that are the same in some way.
wheel a round thing that turns in circles and allows cars, trucks, bicycles, and other things to move.