Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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agree to have the same opinion or feel the same way.
clothes things that you wear to cover the body.
crawl to move along the ground on the hands and knees.
dart to move quickly; dash.
garden an area of land used for growing flowers or vegetables.
glider a light aircraft without a motor that flies on air currents.
guard to protect or pay close attention to something in order to keep it safe.
invitation the act of asking someone in a polite way to come to something or do something.
justice the upholding of what is fair, just, and right.
main most important.
mistake a thought or action that is not correct.
quit to stop doing something.
same exactly alike; not at all different.
silk a fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by certain insects.
soak to make completely wet; drench.