Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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aid to give help to someone.
answer what you say or write after someone asks you a question; a reply.
author a person who writes books, stories, plays, or other works.
different not the same.
dock1 a raised, flat surface that is built out into the water.
dust tiny, dry pieces of dirt or other material that is in the air and collects on surfaces.
family a group made up of a parent or parents and their children.
fetch to go somewhere, pick up something, and bring it back.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe.
jealous feeling angry or sad when you want what another person has.
juice the natural liquid from plants or meats. The juice from fruits and vegetables is used for drinking.
late happening after the usual or expected time.
league a group of people who have joined together for a special purpose.
roam to move or travel around without a plan; wander.
sorrow the feeling of being sad.