Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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advertise to present as good or favorable in order to win people's business or support.
beast any animal other than a human, especially a mammal with four legs.
briefly in a way that is not lengthy; for a short time.
claim to state as true.
cove a small bay in a shoreline of a sea, lake, or river.
delay the act of putting off until a later time.
expression the appearance of one's face at a particular moment that communicates how one feels.
fiber a small, thin part of a plant, animal, or mineral that is shaped like a thread.
foreigner a person who is born in or is from a different country.
framework a structure that supports something built on or around it.
laundry clothing, sheets, and other things that are cleaned by washing or that are washed and ironed.
meanwhile at the same time; during or in the time between.
pillar a tall column shaped like a cylinder that is used to support a structure or to serve as a decoration or monument.
tuft a group or clump of long strands that are attached at one end and loose at the other. Yarn, hair, and grass are some strands that can form tufts.
vine a plant having a long, thin, woody stem that climbs up a support or creeps along the ground.