Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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assure to say to with force or conviction.
cinema the art or business of making movies.
circular having a round shape or outline.
dessert a sweet food served at the end of a meal.
discontent not satisfied; unhappy.
embarrassed feeling uncomfortable because of shame or receiving too much attention from others.
harsh rough or not pleasing to the eyes, ears, or other senses.
individual a single human being; person.
obvious easily seen or understood; clear.
pluck to grab with the fingers and pull off; pick.
politician a person who holds a government office.
quiver1 to shake with very small, quick movements.
refer to send or direct to a source for help.
touchdown the act of scoring six points in football by catching or carrying the ball behind the opponent's goal line.
wriggle to twist and turn one's body with quick movements from side to side; wiggle.