Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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acoustic having to do with sound or hearing.
attain to gain or achieve through work.
diet the food and drink usually eaten and drunk by a person or animal.
evergreen having green leaves that stay on a plant throughout the year.
gash a long and deep cut, such as a wound.
hasten to move or act with speed; hurry.
middle-class of or pertaining to the segment of people in a society who are neither of high rank or low rank with respect to wealth or social status.
rental something that can be rented.
residential used as a home or as a place for homes.
retreat the act of moving back or away from a place or situation.
rot to decompose or decay.
stretch to spread out or reach out to the full length in order to make loose and flexible.
stubble the stubs of crop stalks, as of corn, that remain in the ground after the crop has been cut.
talon a claw of a bird or animal.
twitch to move or pull with a quick, sudden motion; jerk.