Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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banish to cast out of a country by official action.
chance the quality of happening by accident and without being planned or predicted.
daze to stun by a blow or shock.
disrespect rudeness; contempt.
patience the ability to calmly put up with pain or trouble without getting upset or angry.
raid to make a sudden attack on or entry into (a place) in order to conquer, seize property, or make an arrest.
relate to tell the story of.
safely without being harmed.
sail to move over the water.
situation state of affairs; circumstances.
soar to fly or glide in a swift, easy way and at a very great height.
supporter one who agrees with an idea, person, or group and wants it to succeed.
swear to make a solemn promise or statement, usually concerning the telling of the truth, one's loyalty, or one's duty.
tide the flowing of water away from or back onto the land.
trample to step on in a heavy or noisy way; to crush with the feet; stamp (usually followed by "on", "upon," or "over").