Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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ashamed feeling shame or guilt for doing something wrong or foolish.
bicker to quarrel about something that does not matter.
broad wide; large; full of space.
comedy a play, film, story, or television show that is funny or happy.
comparison the act of deciding, saying, or showing how two or more things are the same or different.
conflict to disagree strongly; differ.
contagious able to be spread from person to person.
deem to consider, suppose, or judge.
meanwhile at the same time; during or in the time between.
patio a paved area next to a house that is used for dining or relaxing outdoors.
prison a building for holding and punishing people who have broken the law.
survival the act or fact of continuing to exist or be alive.
treat to behave toward in a particular way.
ultimately at the farthest or last point in a progression; finally; in the end.
yield to give forth or produce.