Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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commissioner the head of a government department.
environment the things and conditions that are all around one.
failure the act of not succeeding or not doing.
homesick longing for one's home.
hunger the need or desire for food.
imaginative having or showing an ability to conceive of things that do not exist; creative.
prophecy a prediction or warning of future events.
reaction an action or response to something that has happened or has been done.
replacement a person or thing that takes the position of another or takes over the function of another.
social living in groups or communities instead of alone.
squirm to twist the body about; wriggle.
stagger to walk or stand in an unsteady way or with a need for support.
suffer to feel pain or misfortune.
tension the act of stretching or state of being stretched; strain.
whirl to turn or spin quickly on a central point.