Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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acoustic having to do with sound or hearing.
beam a long, strong piece of wood or metal used to support floors, ceilings or roofs.
burst to break, open up, or explode suddenly.
create to bring into being.
employer a person or business that pays others to work.
fertilize to spread fertilizer over (a planted area).
flirt to play at love; act in a romantic way that is not serious.
handy nearby; easy to reach and use.
language the system of spoken or written words with which people communicate thoughts, ideas, or feelings.
physics the science that deals with matter and energy, their qualities, and the relationships between them. It includes the study of light, heat, sound, electricity, and force. (The word is used with a singular verb.)
presidency the office, length of service, and jobs of a president.
reality the state or quality of actually existing.
sober not drunk; not intoxicated.
studio the room where an artist works.
victim someone who is hurt, injured, or killed by a person, group, or event.