Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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avoid to keep away from.
blame to place responsibility on for a mistake or fault.
career the work a person chooses to do through life.
charge to give a responsibility or duty to.
choice the act or an instance of selecting or picking.
clench to close tightly shut.
enclosure a space that is surrounded, or something that surrounds.
intrude to enter or thrust oneself in when not invited or welcome.
merit worth or high quality.
myth a story or group of stories that form part of the traditional knowledge of a society. Myths often use imaginative plots and characters to explain how the world began and why nature and people behave the way they do.
prefer to choose above all others as the best liked or most wanted.
thoughtful having or showing careful thought.
twirl to cause to spin or revolve quickly; rotate.
wholly entirely; completely.
workout a period or program of physical exercise.