Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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appointment the act of choosing or naming for an office or duty.
attendance the number of people present.
decision the act or result of making up one's mind.
grill a rack of metal bars used to hold foods for cooking over flames.
internet the world's largest computer network, which is made of millions of computers that are linked together. Some parts of the internet are the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and chat rooms.
interrupt to cause to stop; break off.
melt to change from a solid to a liquid state through heat or pressure.
museum a building where collections of objects that are important to history, art, or science are kept and shown to the public.
parlor a room in a house, hotel, restaurant, or the like for conversation or for entertaining guests.
readily promptly or easily.
salary a fixed amount of money paid at regular times for the work a person has done.
screw a metal fastener that is like a nail with grooves that wind around it. A screw can be driven into a surface by turning it while pressing down on the head.
sensor a device that detects and responds to certain changes in the environment, such as light, temperature, sound, or pressure.
smash to break into small pieces by hitting, throwing, or dropping, often making a loud noise.
whereas while in contrast.