Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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address a formal speech or talk.
anniversary the date each year that is the same date on which a wedding or other important event happened.
assessment a judgment or evaluation.
chamber a room.
charm the ability to attract, delight, and please.
clearly without a doubt.
dazzle to make almost blind with too much bright light.
frill an unnecessary or superfluous ornament or luxury.
future time that is yet to come.
graduate a person who has finished studying at high school or college. A diploma is given to a graduate to show that all the necessary work has been done.
hesitate to stop or pause because of not feeling sure.
partially partly; not completely.
religious devoted to the beliefs of a particular religion.
shuffle to drag or scrape the feet along the floor while walking.
vegetation plants or plant life in a particular place.