Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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bravery the quality or condition of not feeling fear; courage.
captain a leader.
carriage a vehicle with wheels that is covered or enclosed and is used for carrying people.
comfort to give relief from a painful or difficult situation; soothe.
detective a person, often a police officer, whose job is to find information that will solve crimes.
downtown of or located in the lower part or the business area of a city.
fragrant having a pleasant smell.
glee a feeling of delight or joy.
grave1 a hole dug in the ground where a dead body is buried.
holster a case for a gun or pistol that can be attached to a belt and is made of leather or other material.
modern having to do with the present or current times.
quarterback the football player who calls the plays and handles the ball in most plays.
seldom not often; rarely.
sift to spread or sprinkle using a sieve or as though using a sieve.
whimper to cry in weak, broken sounds.