Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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article a single thing; one item out of a group of similar objects.
cheat a person who acts in a dishonest way in order to gain something.
diet the food and drink usually eaten and drunk by a person or animal.
enclosure a space that is surrounded, or something that surrounds.
extremely very; to a great or high degree.
genuine true to what is claimed; real.
gland a group of cells or an organ that produces fluids that are released into the body or pass out of the body.
grim stern or harsh.
observer one who watches or listens.
overrule to rule or decide against.
packet a small bundle or parcel.
popular liked or enjoyed by many people.
selfish concerned only with oneself and not concerned about others.
specimen a part or example used to represent a larger whole.
valley a long area of low land between mountains or hills. A stream or river often runs through a valley.