Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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cable a bundle of insulated wires used to carry electric current.
coarse having large grains or pieces, or a rough surface.
combat fighting, especially against an enemy in war.
concern to have to do with; be about; affect.
evict to legally force to leave a rented property.
exhibition a public showing of art, crafts, products, or skills.
jumble to put or throw together in a confused pile.
knuckle a joint of a finger.
prey an animal that is hunted or caught for food, usually by another animal. Certain plants catch prey as well.
retreat the act of moving back or away from a place or situation.
standard something that is used and accepted as a guide, example, or authority.
strangle to kill by stopping the breathing of, usually by surrounding the neck with something; choke.
stroll to walk slowly without a clear goal or purpose.
terrorist one who uses violence, torture, or physical intimidation to achieve one's ends, especially one's political ends.
tuck to gather up and push in or turn under the loose end or edge of.