Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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cling to stick closely.
coma a long, deep state of being unconscious, caused by disease or injury.
container something, such as a box, barrel, or can, that holds or can hold something else.
costly having a high price or value.
crouch to lower the body close to the ground by bending the legs. A cat about to pounce crouches, as does a person getting ready to run in a race.
efficient operating or working in a way that gets results, with little wasted effort.
homesick longing for one's home.
outer of or having to do with the part most distant from the center.
overseas across any of the oceans; abroad.
passage a way through which something can go; corridor; channel.
progress forward movement toward an end.
realm a royal kingdom.
shot1 an instance of shooting with a weapon.
sway to swing back and forth or from side to side; rock.
thorn a short, stiff point on a plant stem or branch.