Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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absolutely totally; completely.
announcement the act of declaring or making something known to people.
anxiety a feeling of being worried, nervous, or afraid that something will happen.
artist a person who has skill in painting, drawing, music, or other similar activities.
background all of a person's experience, education, and origins.
copper a reddish brown metal that is one of the chemical elements. Copper is used to make pipes, because it does not easily rust. It is used to make wires, because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. It can be combined with other metals to make alloys such as brass and bronze.
desperately with a sense of extreme urgency, need, or despair.
diagnose to determine the identity of (a disease) by examination.
feedback the giving back of opinions, corrections, or other comments from people who have been presented with something like a product, process, or event.
galaxy a collection of billions of stars and other matter held together by gravity. Our planet Earth and the sun belong to the Milky Way galaxy. They are only tiny parts of this galaxy.
hatred a feeling of very strong dislike.
mascot an animal, person, or thing that is considered to bring good luck. Mascots are sometimes kept by a sports team.
outcome a result of something.
strongly with great certainty or passion.
violence the causing of pain or harm, usually intentionally but sometimes because of loss of mental control.