Grades 3-5 (WVI 2)
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canal a channel of water made by humans for boat transportation or for bringing water to crops.
capital1 the city where the government of a country, state, or province is located.
current of or happening in the present time.
distance the measure of space between things, places, or points in time.
extreme at the farthest point of something.
intelligence the ability to learn, reason, and understand.
old-fashioned looking or being like past styles, manners, or ways of behaving.
orderly arranged in a neat way; in order.
ordinary usual or normal.
punctual on time; prompt.
racial having to do with a race of people.
retrieve to bring or get back; recover.
selfish concerned only with oneself and not concerned about others.
session a meeting or set of meetings of a court or a government council.
tribal of or relating to a group of people having the same ancestors, customs, and other characteristics.