Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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arid extremely dry, especially from lack of rainfall.
breakthrough an important discovery in a particular field that encourages an acceleration in knowledge or expertise.
candid without deception or concealment; honest; forthright.
committee a group of persons chosen to give attention to a particular matter.
converge to move toward or meet at a common point.
dynamics (used with a plural verb) the driving forces at work in any given system or situation.
entrepreneur someone who assumes the financial risk of beginning and operating one or several businesses.
facility a building made or used for a particular activity.
inexpensive low or moderate in cost.
infer to make a guess based on facts and observations; conclude.
mechanism the working or moving part or process that causes a result.
multitude a large number of people, animals, or things.
mutilate to destroy by cutting or tearing off a necessary part.
rationale a fundamental reason for doing or being; basis.
withhold to hold back; control.