Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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arrogant having or showing too much pride; behaving as though one is more important than others.
behold to see or observe.
despicable worthy of hatred or contempt; worthless; low.
distribution the act of giving out items or portions.
evasive serving to allow one to avoid, escape, or fail to perform something.
excess more than is needed or usual; extra.
fathom to get to the bottom of or understand completely.
incompatible not able to be together in a peaceful or happy way.
indifference lack of interest, especially when interest is called for,expected, or hoped for.
motherly of or like a female parent.
obstinate not willing to change one's ideas; stubborn.
trend a general course, direction, or tendency.
tribute something given, done, or said to express respect or thanks.
unstable likely to change suddenly.
variable something that can change or that has no fixed value.