Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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administrator a person who manages, especially in business or public affairs.
affirm to state or declare as true.
alteration the state or process of altering.
anthology a collection of written works, such as poems or stories. An anthology can be written by one or by several authors.
carat a unit of weight for diamonds and other gems, equal to one-fifth of a gram.
elsewhere in or to another place.
entice to lure or tempt, as by calling attention to the possible benefits of an action.
harassment behavior that threatens, attacks, or offends another person repeatedly.
hospitable open and receptive.
impact the force of two objects hitting or crashing into each other.
inventory a complete list of things on hand or in a particular place.
lust a strong desire for something (usually followed by "for").
methodology a body of procedures, principles, and rules used for a specific activity or branch of knowledge.
naval having to do with a navy or its ships.
seismic of, concerning, or resulting from an earthquake.