Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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boredom the state of being bored or of not feeling interested.
colleague a person who has the same job or employer as another.
diplomatic careful not to anger people or hurt their feelings.
economical using only a small amount; without waste; frugal.
hostage someone held prisoner by a person or group trying to force another person or group to meet certain demands.
labyrinth an intricate network of pathways or passageways intended to confuse the person or animal that navigates it; maze.
maim to hurt badly by destroying a part of the body or making it useless.
negate to render ineffective or invalid; nullify.
orient to find the position of with respect to the points of the compass.
participate to take part; share (usually followed by "in").
perishable likely to spoil or rot in a short time.
posture the general position of or manner of holding the body.
preside to act as the one in charge.
reception the act or process of receiving.
tuition the charge for being taught at a college or private school.