Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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commendation something, especially an award, that confers honor or distinction.
continental of or pertaining to the whole of one of the major land masses, such as Europe or South America.
cower to crouch or cringe in fear.
elite (usually used with a plural verb) the best, taken collectively.
evident easily seen; clear.
hobo a poor and homeless wanderer who often begs, scavenges, or steals for a living; tramp.
inseparable impossible or difficult to divide or to conceive of apart; tending to remain together.
premium the exceptional value or esteem accorded something.
preventative designed to serve as a hindrance or method of prevention.
resistance the act or process of fighting against or opposing something.
terminate to bring to an end; put a stop to.
theological of, based on, or relating to matters of religion or the study of religion.
unearth to find or reveal by searching.
utmost of the highest or greatest degree, amount, or intensity; greatest.
vital having to do with life.