Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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application a way of being used.
bate to moderate or control; restrain.
committee a group of persons chosen to give attention to a particular matter.
evolution the process of changing and adapting to an environment over time.
fatality a sudden or unexpected death.
haughty proud in a way that shows a low opinion of others; thinking of others as beneath oneself.
holistic handling or dealing with an entity in its entirety or wholeness rather than with emphasis on its parts or various aspects.
instance a case, example or occasion.
outlook what may come in the future.
rant to speak or complain loudly and vehemently.
reckon to count or estimate; figure.
reference the act or fact of mentioning.
tremor a shaking or trembling.
velocity speed.
virtually practically; almost completely; very nearly.