Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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assort to arrange or classify in groups; sort.
assumption something that is supposed or believed without questioning. For example, if you ask someone whether she is allowed to watch TV during dinner, you have made an assumption that there is a TV in her house. Assumptions are ideas people have that are not based on proven facts. An assumption can be correct or incorrect.
complexion the natural color and condition of the skin, especially of the face.
estate a piece of land with a large house on it.
fascination the condition of having one's attention aroused and held, as by charm, beauty, or extreme interest.
forecast a guess or estimate about something that will happen in the future.
harassment behavior that threatens, attacks, or offends another person repeatedly.
immigrate to come to live permanently in a country where one was not born.
intentional done on purpose; deliberate.
precede to come before in time.
proportion a part of a whole.
quote to repeat a passage or information from.
radiation the waves of energy sent out by sources of heat or light, or by radioactive material.
rave to talk with much enthusiasm; praise.
reckless paying no attention to danger; not at all careful.