Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abase to diminish (something of value) or to place (especially oneself) in a lower position than another or others; lower; demean.
ambush a surprise attack made from a hidden place.
apparatus tools or equipment made for a particular task.
brochure a small booklet or pamphlet, especially one that contains pictures and is used for advertising purposes.
cavity a hollow place or hole.
coincidental of two things, occurring at the same time, or having some other correspondence, by chance and not as a result of a cause or motive.
crisis the point or moment just before a very important change in one direction or another.
cue1 anything done or said during a play that is a signal for an actor to say or do something.
propel to cause to move forward; thrust, push, or drive.
ritual a set of actions always done in the same way, often because of custom or tradition.
situate to put in a particular place or position; place or locate.
strut to walk in a proud or vain manner.
trek a slow or difficult trip.
typhoon a hurricane that occurs in the western Pacific area and the China Sea.
unacceptable not approved of or permissible because of not meeting certain standards or expectations.