Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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abrupt sudden and not expected.
alliance a group of people, countries, or groups that share certain goals and agree to work together.
anesthesia loss of consciousness or feeling in the body produced by drugs.
animation the act or result of causing something to become lively or active.
appreciate to be grateful for or to.
commerce the buying and selling of goods or services; trade; business.
conundrum a puzzle or problem with a difficult or impossible solution.
diagnosis the act or process of finding out the nature of an illness or injury by examining its signs and symptoms.
external of the outside or outer part.
humdrum lacking variety; dull, monotonous, and commonplace.
merger the combining of two or more companies into one, or the transfer of the property of one company to another.
minimize to make as small as possible.
nook a corner of a room or a small area set off from a main room.
specificity the quality of being exact, precise, or particular.
valid based on truth, fact, or logic.