Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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accustomed in the habit of (usually followed by "to").
additional more; added.
akin similar in kind or spirit; alike.
contribution something that is contributed.
deprive to take away from; not allow to have.
devout devoted to religion.
dictate to state or order with authority.
dissemination the act or process of distributing or spreading or widely.
fluent able to speak or write easily and naturally.
incidental happening or likely to happen concurrently or in connection with something else but as a subordinate or less important element.
jaunt a short trip made for fun and pleasure.
lush growing thick and healthy.
shareholder a person who owns stock in a business organization.
stabilize to become steady, firm, unwavering, or fixed.
yearn to have a strong desire, craving, or wish for something.