Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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departure the act or an occasion of leaving or going away.
document a written or printed paper that gives factual information or proof of something. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and passports are kinds of documents.
doom an event or end that one cannot escape; fate; destiny.
gale a strong wind of about thirty to sixty miles per hour.
infer to make a guess based on facts and observations; conclude.
notch (informal) a little bit.
opus a work of fine or literary art, especially a musical composition numbered to indicate its chronological place in the composer's works.
ornamental of or pertaining to decoration; decorative.
pamphlet a thin book that has a paper cover, written to give information on some topic.
penal of, concerning, or giving out punishment, especially according to law.
rebuke to give a sharp reprimand to; criticize.
resolve to decide firmly and sincerely to do something or that something shall be done.
stability the condition or quality of being steady, fixed, or unchanging.
stern1 firm and determined; not flexible.
yearn to have a strong desire, craving, or wish for something.