Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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flourish to grow in a strong, healthy way.
formulation the process or result of clear, methodical development or articulation.
fulfill to do or carry out as expected or required.
hazardous full of danger; having great or many risks.
intensive highly concentrated in a small space or interval of time.
notch (informal) a little bit.
relish a great enjoyment of something.
rivet a metal bolt that pins metal plates or other objects together.
sage a very wise person.
sophistication the quality or condition of having worldly knowledge, elegant refinement, or technological complexity.
subsist to stay alive or obtain the necessities of life (usually followed by "on").
superb of the finest kind or quality.
tart1 sour or acid in taste; sharp; biting.
transition a process of changing from one position, stage, or situation to another.
withdraw to take out or away; remove.