Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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carat a unit of weight for diamonds and other gems, equal to one-fifth of a gram.
coalition an alliance, especially a temporary one, of various factions, parties, or nations.
conundrum a puzzle or problem with a difficult or impossible solution.
fanatic a person who is enthusiastic about something in a way that is extreme or not reasonable.
gape to stare in surprise, awe, or wonder, especially with the mouth open.
hurtle to move with great speed and often with great noise.
indifference lack of interest, especially when interest is called for,expected, or hoped for.
insightful keenly perceptive.
interval the period of time between two events or situations.
organism an individual living thing, such as a plant, an animal, or a germ.
projection a guess of a future situation based on looking at the present situation.
register to sign up for something by having one's name put on an official list.
successive following one after another.
uproar a loud, confused disturbance; commotion.
withhold to hold back; control.