Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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amiss in the wrong way.
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
anticipate to look forward to; expect.
appropriation the act of taking something as one's own, often without permission.
bountiful willing to give plenty; generous.
claustrophobia an abnormal fear of being in closed or confined places.
cloak a long, loose, outer garment without sleeves.
displace to force out of a home territory or particular place.
exquisite very beautiful; made in a lovely or delicate way.
rebel one who fights against or does not obey authority.
rebound to bounce or leap back or away after hitting something.
somewhat in some measure, degree, or proportion; rather.
standardize to cause to conform to a model or rules.
visionary a person with a unique capability to predict what will become important in the future.
vital having to do with life.