Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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assay to try out or test.
assort to arrange or classify in groups; sort.
assurance a statement meant to give confidence.
bond to bind together.
contemplate to look at carefully for a long time.
enact to make into a law.
encrusted covered with a hard or crisp layer of something.
explanatory serving to clarify or account for.
hulk an old ship that no longer is in use.
maintenance the act of taking care of or keeping in good condition.
maneuver to move to a desired position or goal using strategy or skill.
philosophical of or pertaining to the nature and principles of knowledge, truth, existence, and moral and aesthetic values.
slay to kill deliberately and violently.
technician a person whose work requires special skills.
whim a sudden desire, thought, or change of mind.