Grades 6-8 (WVI 3)
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assay to try out or test.
barter to trade services or things for other services or things without using money.
distinctive serving to set apart or mark as distinct or unusual.
falter to move, speak, or act in a way that is not sure or not steady; stumble.
fanatic a person who is enthusiastic about something in a way that is extreme or not reasonable.
institution an organization set up for a specific purpose, such as hospitals, churches, prisons, charities, and schools.
interpersonal of or pertaining to a relationship or interaction between people.
legendary having to do with or like a legend.
menace that which presents a danger or threat.
sage a very wise person.
silhouette any dark figure seen against a light background, so that details are hard to see.
sponsor a person who takes responsibility for someone or something.
stabilize to become steady, firm, unwavering, or fixed.
terrain land or ground, or the natural characteristics of its surface.
thunderous producing a sound of or like thunder.