Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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affinity a strong sense of liking; a natural attraction or sympathy.
arraign to bring before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment.
conciliate to overcome the anger, distrust, or animosity of; appease; placate.
dregs the part of anything that is left over or that has the least value or use.
empirical based on or verifiable by experience or experiment, rather than on or by theory.
fanfare a flourish of trumpets, used to mark an entrance or beginning.
imperturbable not easily excited or disturbed; calm.
incarnate having bodily form; personified.
ingest to take in to the body through the mouth.
occult of, pertaining to, or with the aid of the supernatural.
overbearing arrogantly dominating; dictatorial.
protagonist the leading character in a literary work.
recumbent lying down; reclining.
slur to speak of disparagingly; belittle.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority.